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Get the Life you Love

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About Get the Life you Love:-

I self-published “Get the Life you Love” as a paper book in 2005 and since then I have sold 1,000s in bookstores and online around the world.

“This is an inspiring, practical, must-have companian for your life with lots of honest, personal and human anecdotes from Arvind, and possibly one of the few self help books you will ever need”Mike Southon, co-author of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’ and ‘Financial Times’ columnist

12 Things this book will do for you:-

After working through this unique book, you will:-

1. Become clear about just what you want in your life. 2. Begin to make changes in your life from day one. 3. Start and finish key activities for the first time in your life. 4. Clear the clutter from your life. 5. Get on really well with all the people in your life. 6. Create the relationship you have always wanted. 7. Enjoy your current job more than ever before. 8. Take steps to find that ideal job and find it rapidly. 9. Begin to take practical steps in every area of your life. 10. Become fitter and healthier. 11. Gain lots of energy and enthusiasm for life. 12. Become confident and full of high self esteem.

Indeed this book will make a new you. Get the Life you Love This e-book contains 128 pages full of information that I’ve applied to my own life, and I know this will help you too in your life. Its full of anecdotal examples from my life and best of all, the format of the book allows you to start changing your life from day one. This book offers you simple, tried and test ways of getting and living the life you love.

“Fresh, fun and extremely user-friendly guide to help you make massive changes in your life. An ideal gift for your friends, family and yourself. Get this book!”Tanuja Desai Hidier, musician, singer-songwriter and author of “Born Confused” “Great book… shows how just a few changes can make a HUGE differnce! Arvind has written a well structures step-by-step program to help you design your life the way you want it. Thanks to some of the insights in this book, I am doing just that for myself. You too can do the same with this book” – Kavit Haria, Internet Entrepreneur

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“Remember that your life counts – and make it count. You are unique. There is no one like you on this planet. Never has been and never will be. Do not sell your self short. Do not sell the world short. This is your life – love it, live it. One life, one chance – grab it. Get the life you love – and live it.” Arvind Devalia